Is Your Car’s Electrics Going Haywire?

Is Your Car’s Electrics Going Haywire?  

What Does an Auto Repair Shop Electrician Do?

An auto repair shop electrician focuses on repairing and upgrading electrical systems found within most vehicles. Many can diagnose and repair specific electrical systems; however, most will have special training and knowledge. In most cases, auto electric repair shops are capable of repairing or rebuilding parts like starter motors and alternators too. It is common for these technicians to have the tools and knowledge to handle any computerized systems within most modern vehicles.

Diagnosing and repairing numerous electrical issues is a large part of an electrician’s duties. These can be various issues, due to the electrical systems found in today’s modern vehicles, ranging from charging a battery to computerized components. Some vehicles are modified using after-market accessories, such as DVD players, Bluetooth, and GPS devices so an auto repair shop electrician will need to be aware of all the ways these components will interact with the vehicles’ standard factory wiring systems. Some electrical shops provide installation services for these electronic items.

Many automotive shops do not repair or rebuild components whilst on-site. The exception, however, are auto electrical shops which will have the expertise and knowledge to repair faulty components such as starter motors or alternators. Often, rebuilt units are not available, so an auto electrical shop will simply rebuild the existing part.

Computer diagnostics are yet another part of auto electronics. Many electricians will be trained to use various tools and devices in order to extract codes from onboard computer systems. Most auto systems will have some kind of electronics or computers inside, and auto electricians could have to deal with items such as air bags or anti-lock brakes. When looking for such a facility, make sure that they are capable of working on your particular vehicle, if not, they could do more harm than good.

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